Monday, August 9, 2010

Quick Question - Cartridge Related

So - with the sale still going on at Joanns I am going back and forth with a few cartridges that I do not have (yet- tee hee).

Anyway - do I need:

Hannah Montana
Disney Fairies

I have the Princess cartridges and Spongebob and sadly they are a pain with all the layering.

What do you think?



  1. That is a hard question to ask. i wish I could help. I do not have any of those mentioned but Cars and OUAP and I haven't really touch Cars yet and I am not sure if I did use the later either. Really bad here. :)

  2. I have both Hannah Montana and Cars. Hannah Montana doesn't have many layers, so that is simple. I love the butterflies, guitars, and the music letters. I really like it (but it's personal preference). With the Cars cart there are a LOT of layers. You can't make it smaller than 3, and even that is small and can be a big pain. I love the final result (I have a 3 year old Cars fan), but yes, the layers can be a big pain. I wanted the Disney Fairies, but don't own it. I have a few Cars and Hannah Montana cards/carts on my blog (if you're interested), I hope this helps!!!!!!

    Celeste B.


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