Monday, November 29, 2010

Cookie Swap Invitations

My neighbor who is also a very good friend is hosting a cookie exchange. She is going with a red and white gingham theme and wanted something whimsical. Doodlecharms to the rescue along with the IRock, Google eyes and paper from Hobby Lobby. So what do you think?

Blessings, Jenny

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you and your families many Blessings! Many memories to capture and laughs to remember and cherish.

Gobble Gobble - Jenny

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Imaginesce Gift - WOW

When I went to the Cricut swarm in October I was able to spend some time with Lori Allred and the Imaginesce team. They are SUPER talented and tons of fun! We really enjoyed ourselves although I was kind of bummed I never got to try their products - the IRock or ITop. Well, Lori had grabbed my swap card and in the mail I got this wonderful surprise from her:

WOW - what a Blessing! An IRock with gems and a stencil and what looks like the whole Dinosaur Line!! Now I know I have mentioned before that I have a little guy - I have LOTS of pictures that I can scrapbook with these papers. Thank you so much Lori and Imaginesce - I am truly grateful for this wonderful gift.

Blessings, Jenny

Monday, November 22, 2010

When Sick Play With Coloring

Last week my son and I were down for the count. Strep throat and ear infections - not fun!!! We had a complete Harry Potter day on Friday watching all the old episodes to get ready to see the new release. So I stamped some images and colored (really a new avenue for me but thinking it may catch on).

I made these cards with the colored images and thought I would also enter them into Emma's (Creative Time For Me) Throwback Thursday Challenge, old style crafting - no Cricut allowed.


Many Blessings for the week ahead,

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Saturday

Hello my friends. I am going to be getting my crafty on for a bit today and then tonight I will be at my church helping out with Respite Night. Respite Night is a special needs ministry where we gift 'Respite' to families and keep their kids for a few hours (most of the kids have some form of autism). This allows the families enough time to go to dinner, do some shopping, attend the church service or just rest. Whatever it is that they want to do. Each and every month I worry if there will be enough volunteers, are we able to minister to the families effectively, will the kids have good time. I have to say my biggest worry is always "Will there be enough volunteers?" This is the one that always gets me and I have to say that God always provides. I do not know why I worry about this but it is just my nature. I really need to listen to our Heavenly Father a bit more.

Anyway, here are some cards I made for Thanksgiving. I gifted my sons teachers, gave some to my SIL to share with my niece and nephews teachers and some are for the flower shop that my neighbor owns. Also, I gave a few to some special people that I am thankful for. If I could send one to each and every one of you  I would do that as well because I am truly thankful that you take the time to visit and comment. It really makes my day.

Blessings all for a wonderful weekend - hope you a get some crafty time in!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Messy Scrappy Space

It is amazing to me how many people post the beautiful, organized, spacious places that they have to create. I live in a nice suburb of Chicago, 4 bdrm home / tri level and the only place I have is the dining room table. And then my hubby gets a bit upset at times because he feels as if I am isolating myself when I am in there working and the rest of the family is watching tv together in the family room. Our dining room is never used - wasted space in my opinion - but of course had to have it when we built the house 9 years ago. The problem is that with a tri-level the dining room is upstairs while the family room is downstairs. Half of the family room is as you would think, fireplace / tv / sitting space, now the other half is LEGO MANIA from my 8 year old. I keep thinking there has to be a way for me to move my stuff down here to be with the family at the same time. After the Christmas Holiday that is going to be my Number 1 priority!!! Any ideas you have to help me out would be greatly appreciated!!!

So I took some pictures of my scrappy space just to give you an idea:

To the left and pretty much in front of me.
This is right in front of where I sit - recognize the banner (HAHAHA).

This is to my left from where I sit. There is my nice IKEA shelf with paper and scrapping embellishments.

I have paper stored here / my scrap totes / magazines and pictures.

My Imagine out of the box and calibrated but really not used yet - SHAME!!

Those 4 bottom drawers are filled with my cartridges. The top 2 hold punches and cuttlebug folders.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Circle Class Banner

I was able to participate in the Circle Banner making class last week and here is the finished product:

I will participate whenever they have a class but boy oh boy - I will have to just watch and not try to follow along. My sound kept going out so I had to keep refreshing the page and the screen was tiny. Now to apply the glitter I just used a spray adhesive and sprinkled it on (what a mess) and I was not really sure if I did the crepe paper correctly. Also, the cut file provided did not have us cut enough of the banner flags (it was short one) and the scallop shadow was actually the same size as the scallop itself.

I like this - not love it - but with more practice I think I will be making a few more of these for sharing on Thanksgiving. (already gave one to my neighbor and have 2 more cut out). I actually like bigger flag bases and modified the file for that as well as for the scallop shadow.

Blessings, Jenny

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Baby Shower Invite Winner

Awhile ago I posted some invitations I mocked up for a Baby Shower. The mom could not decide so she showed the girls at the football game and let them vote. The Baby Bottle won (she told me her personal favorite was the onesie).

Here are 40 baby shower invites:

Have a great Wednesday!
Blessings, Jenny

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday - I really cannot think of anything else

Nice title huh?!? I am really drawing a blank but wanted to share some more cards.

This brings to an end (FINALLY) of the cards that were made for the Giving Forward benefit. And now to close a picture of our very tired boys from the football Fall Brawl this past weekend:

Number 3 is my handsome little guy - have I mentioned how much I love him?

Blessings for a beautiful day ~ Jenny

Monday, November 15, 2010

Imaginisce - New Enchanted Line - Beautiful!!!

if you are interested - Imaginisce has a new line that they will be releasing called Enchanted! So adorable - they are having a release party all week long so check out their Blog and take a look at all the wonderful inspiration they have to offer.



Well after a wonderful date with my favorite guy yesterday I came home and made dinner for the family. Today is unfortunately back to work.

Enjoy the cards and have a Blessed day!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Blessings

Hello everyone! Well our football season officially ended yesterday after the boys (7 & 8 year olds) played 4 games in a row. This was our fall brawl and we began at 8:15 yesterday and were not done until almost 5. We would have payed a 5th but were eliminated during the 4th game by 1 touchdown!!! Our boys played their behinds off - I was exhausted just sitting there! My little guy actually fell asleep on the way home. He plays starting Center and after the 1st game was played (which was not too tough) he pretty much had to play the next full 3 games. We also had some very cold (50 degree) weather and RAIN!! As parents we took the initiative and brought food and even rented a truck so the boys would have a warm place to go between games and had fuel for their little bodies. It was a great season and we are so proud of them - we finished the season with  10 Wins and 3 Losses.

Anyway back to craftiness - more cards for you. I promise in the future I will start keeping track of all the supplies and measurements and such so that if you want to create something for yourself from the recipe provided.

To celebrate the season I am taking my little guy for a mommy and me date today. We are going to see Megaminds, have some lunch and stop at the toy store.

Have a Blessed Day all!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Friday

There are tons of hops going on this weekend and reveals - lets get our craftiness on! Here are a few more cards from the Charity Benefit:

Have a Blessed Day! Jenny

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Schedule Keeping

Do you ever just not know what day it is that you made plans for. I set up some training at my sons school on the expression that I won from the Cricut Circle. I was up this morning, showered getting things together and thought I would send a quick email to make sure they were all ready for me. Yep - training is tomorrow!!! The same day that I set up to meet a friend for coffee (tea actually since I do not drink coffee). So now I have nothing to do today (except of course crafting, laundry and running to the grocery store) and have to cancel on a very good friend for tomorrow. I so need to get a good calendar system going - any ideas out there?

Ok - enough of that. Here are some more cards from the charity benefit.

Oh and remember when I mentioned my SIL made camo icing:

And those push ups are cake and frosting layered - YUMMO - let me tell you. She also made those push ups filled with chocolate mousse - to die for!

Have a Blessed Day! Jenny

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Monday.......

Not really my favorite day of the week but you have to start somewhere. We lost our football game on Saturday so that means next Saturday we have to play kind of a round robin tournament style series. There is a possibility that we can play up to 5 games - WOW! And all I have to do is sit there - I do not know how the 8 and 9 year olds can play that long.

More benefit cards (almost done!!!) and then on to some new stuff!

Winter Woodland, Snowflake Cuttlebug Folder, google eyes and DCWV paper.

Birthday Bash, DCWV paper, ribbon from stash, stickles

Blessings, Jenny

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Saturday

Today begins our playoffs called Fall Brawl and this will be the story for the next 3 Saturdays. Tomorrow is supposed to be 52 and sunny not the best but no snow or rain so I will take it. Here are just a couple more of the cards I made for the Charity Benefit:

Blessings, Jenny

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Snow Tonight?

I am so not ready for that - we still have 3 more weekends of football due to making the playoffs. No complaints there but just do not want it to be messy and cold. Anyway, here are a few more cards I made for the benefit.

My kids said Baby Jesus here looked like a worm - hmmmm - now I cannot stop thinking that when I look at Him. I love it anyway!

This one was not one of my favorites but when I had to get so many done I had to stop being so picky!

Blessings All Jenny

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Giving Forward

Here is an additional Birthday Card: Sweet Treats & Divine Swirls CuttleBug Folder (ribbon stash)

And Christmas: Winter Woodland and Paper Trey Ink Ribbon
Blessings, Jenny Kozar