Friday, November 19, 2010

Messy Scrappy Space

It is amazing to me how many people post the beautiful, organized, spacious places that they have to create. I live in a nice suburb of Chicago, 4 bdrm home / tri level and the only place I have is the dining room table. And then my hubby gets a bit upset at times because he feels as if I am isolating myself when I am in there working and the rest of the family is watching tv together in the family room. Our dining room is never used - wasted space in my opinion - but of course had to have it when we built the house 9 years ago. The problem is that with a tri-level the dining room is upstairs while the family room is downstairs. Half of the family room is as you would think, fireplace / tv / sitting space, now the other half is LEGO MANIA from my 8 year old. I keep thinking there has to be a way for me to move my stuff down here to be with the family at the same time. After the Christmas Holiday that is going to be my Number 1 priority!!! Any ideas you have to help me out would be greatly appreciated!!!

So I took some pictures of my scrappy space just to give you an idea:

To the left and pretty much in front of me.
This is right in front of where I sit - recognize the banner (HAHAHA).

This is to my left from where I sit. There is my nice IKEA shelf with paper and scrapping embellishments.

I have paper stored here / my scrap totes / magazines and pictures.

My Imagine out of the box and calibrated but really not used yet - SHAME!!

Those 4 bottom drawers are filled with my cartridges. The top 2 hold punches and cuttlebug folders.


  1. My husband gets attitude when I go to my room too. We have a two story and there are two bedrooms upstairs and everything else is downstairs. Usually the kids come with me and he watches tv downstairs. But I don't want all my stuff in the living room as I still have small children that like to touch everything! HAHAHA.... Good luck with your goal

  2. OMG! I thought I was the only one!!!!!! I have part of a room for all my things but the messy part is so very familiar! LOL
    TFS I don't feel so alone now!

  3. you NEED/MUST HAVE a CRAFT ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!;) that is a big house ;)
    no excuses. take the guest room or whatever else and make it yours....NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Aww, that is awesome, Jenny! You have transformed your DT into a creative center :) I used to have all my stuff on the DT too, but I hated cleaning it off whenever we had ppl over for dinner :) I have wedged a table in the corner of the bedroom and it works really well for now.. My jewelry and sewing stuff is along one wall of the dining area..

    Everytime I tell DH "I'm going to the bedroom to craft", what he hears is "I'm going to the bedroom to craP" LOL.

  5. I don't have a scrap/craft room of my own either! I stored all of my stuff in various places (closets, china hutch, storage ottamans,etc) so when I needed some things, I had to go from the closet to the storage ottoman; it is definitely a pain. Unfortunately, my sister had to move in to my spare bedroom and...well...that's that! However, I did see a young lady scrapper who purchased an open divider shelf for her living/family room. She put pretty baskets in it for storage, supplies, etc. and her table on the other she got to be in the same room with the family...that might work for you! Good Luck and can't wait to see your after pics!


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