Monday, September 6, 2010

9/11 Blog Hop

I will be participating in my first Blog Hop on 9/11. The hop will include the following sites:

I work in the financial industry in downtown Chicago. That morning as I was in the elevator going to the office people were talking about an airplane flying into the World Trade Center Tower and what a terrible accident this was. There are televisions around our office that always have news channels on. When the second plane flew into the other tower the feeling that this was no accident was very prevalent around the office. Those towers that were hit contained several financial services offices and many of the people that perished were customers and colleagues of mine. There are no words to explain how mind numbing this was - to find out who was there and that they had no chance of escape.

Now the office I was working in is surrounded by windows, has a direct view of the Sears Tower and is located in the same building as the Chicago Stock exchange. Because this was now apparent that we were under attack and there was no way to know what the next target was my bosses elected to send us all home. The trains out of the city were packed. I went to get my daughters from school and they were terrified for me and did not want me to return back to work downtown. Luckily, I work for a very nice family oriented company and they elected to have us all work from home for the next few days. 

I am honored to take part in this Blog Hop recognizing the heroes that help to bring us our freedom each and every day - by their own choice. As a matter of fact, I have a cousin serving in Afghanistan with a branch of the army right now. 

Please remember all the families who lost someone during this attack and wave your American Flags proudly on 9/11.

Blessings, Jenny 


  1. Had to come back and comment on this. So sorry for your loss and the loss of so many! Plane in PA went down very close to my grandparents home. I remember the terror I felt when it was announced that the plane went down in Somerset. I can't imagine the horror you went thru as well as your daughters. God bless America, our heros and pray for peace.

  2. I also had to come back and say that your story was very touching. I live in a little country town in TN but across from a mountain containing ammo for the millitary. I was so scared for weeks after the attack. I can not imagine how bad it was for you guys in the big cities. Thanks for sharing your story. Penny

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