Saturday, February 26, 2011

YUMMY Spongebob Cake

My nieces birthday was last week and she wanted a Spongebob theme. I had made the invitations (which I posted earlier) and her momma (my SIL) is always in charge of the cakes. What do think of this cake:

This not only looks fantastic - it was SO good. The top was a yellow cake with buttercream frosting and the bottom was banana cake with fudge ganache. His feet and legs were rice krispies treats covered in fondant.

Blessings, Jenny


  1. Wow! He looks awesome..How did you get him to stand? Sounds yummy.

  2. yeah! it's awesome and a standing cake.... i never saw them standing like this one. kuddos to her!!!!

  3. Wow! It looks like a cake from that show Cake Boss. : )

    Would love for you to stop by,
    Carson's Creations


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