Thursday, July 29, 2010

CHA Pictures

I am so Blessed! I live in the Chicago area so was able to attend the ProvoCraft Gala. I know there are tons of pictures out there already but I really wanted to share a few of mine. I have to honestly say that I am so exited to meet so many of the inspiring people out there who Blog or are on the Message Boards.

My 7 year old son loves My Pink Stamper (Robyn). I was able to meet her and her awesome BFF Karlee. Karlee actually figured out my camera for me when the flash was not going off and took a picture of Robyn and I so that I could show my son. He actually waited up for me when I called home to tell him. Karlee and I also got to chat about the Bind It All and now I am on the hunt for it.

I was also able to meet some local ladies and we are all very interested in getting together for a swarm so that is really something to look forward to. Several of us are actually going to meet up again at CHA on Friday and Saturday for the Super Crop.

I cannot wait to be inspired and start crafting even more - it has been hard being summer and all but boy do I love to spend time with my family.

Have a Blessed Day all!

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