Saturday, July 17, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

I am the recipient of this gorgeous award. They named it
The Versatile Blogger.
 Isn't it a cutie?

Thanks to my dear friend Agnes from
for this beauty.
 I also have to CONGRATULATE Agnes for receiving it.
You have to look at her site and find out more about this amazing friend and see her amazing creations. Also, I am thrilled to be participating in her card swap. (I better start creating!!)
I also have to say 7 facts about me.

1- I am a Christian who is Saved only by HIS Grace. 2- Sometimes I think I collect more supplies then use my supplies. 3- I have an awesome husband and 3 great kids. 4- I am perpetually on a diet of some sort - but unfortunately love my sweets. 5- I love to read and my family and I have a weekly movie night. 6- I LOVE pizza. 7- I think I am addicted to Blogging.
There are my 7 tiny facts.
Thanks again to Agnes for thinking of me when sharing this award.

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