Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Baby is 8 Today

Where does the time go? 8 years ago I woke up and headed to the hospital for a scheduled C-section. A few hours later I was holding this precious gift from God.  I must say that I love all of my children very much but this little guy really does tug at my heart. He is my only boy and my baby so I think that could be it but he still loves to cuddle and calls me mama (my girls are 23 and 18 no more cuddling just shopping - hahaha).  We will be pretty busy today hosting his birthday party with friends and family but I really just want to share my thoughts about this little guy.

He plays center for his football team, loves legos, he will craft with me and he is just getting into Halo army stuff. For Halloween this year we have changed from being some Star Wars character to a creepy Death Eater from Harry Potter. He will try fruit and vegetables when he is older (I may have to remind him about that one) and he walks around the house singing at the top of his lungs. I can still hug and kiss him when I drop him off at school but I can no longer call him Bubba in front of his friends.

Here he is:

I love you George - Happy Birthday my baby boy!!

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  1. Happy Birthday George! Hope you have a wonderful and fun Birthday!


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