Thursday, October 7, 2010

Time Flies When You Are SUPER Busy!!

I am so sorry that I have not posted, believe me it is not because I have not been crafting. Crafting has actually taken over.

Homecoming - 94 Footballs with Player Numbers & Stamped Names (not all shown - my fingers were black for days!!)

Then there were the 54 sets of Pom Poms with the stamped names as well (again not all shown):
We supplied all the kids with a free t-shirt for their homecoming gift which is what the tags were made for.

I will have several posts scheduled as I have cards to display that I made for my Circle Pal, a banner I made for my nephews birthday party, and all my fun stuff I made for the Circle Swarm this weekend. I am so excited to be attending where I will be able to meet so many of my Circle friends and really looking forward to meeting my Pal Scrapper Becca.

Blessings All, Jenny


  1. Love these footballs and poms, what cartridge did you use? What sizes did you cut them on. I think I will try to make some for our homecoming.

  2. Wooooooow, you're so dedicated!! Great job :o)

  3. Footballs are from Sports Mania cut at 3 and the numbers are from Varsity Letter Lite cut at 1.

    Poms are from Paper Doll Dress Up cut at 3. 2 are cut at the same color so I just mixed and matched after cutting them all out. Glad you like em!


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