Sunday, December 12, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Well - getting ready for Christmas silly... Anyway I have now put together 16 goodie bags for some friends. Some work, some football moms and some teachers. When you are cutting everything out it really seems like a piece of cake. But when it comes to the assembly - now that is where it is time consuming. For  each of my gift bags I made 6 monogram note cards, 1 cupcake sock holder and 1 jar of sugar soap scrub (thanks Greenbean for the cupcake and soap idea!!).

I wanted to get more creative with things but I have so much more to get to yet.  I still have not even gotten my Christmas cards in the mail. I hope to be able to work on somethings this afternoon so that I will have posts for you all week.

Have a Blessed day, Jenny

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  1. cool...........

    I bet that really kept you busy w/the cricky, lol
    sorry, i had to say it...i know it's cheesy, hehehe


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